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May 12, 2008

No foundation + Moebius

I made this bracelet last night. It is special in two ways: it has no foundation chain (!) and it is a Moebius strip. The no foundation chain business is quite handy because it means that the first row has the same tension as the rest of it. Whenever I've made a ripple blanket, the foundation chain is always tighter than the rest, which is quite annoying! And now that I've learnt to do the no foundation chain I'm considering frogging my blanket and redoing it. I must be mad! And the question I have to ask myself: am I that much of a perfectionist? Perhaps not. Heh.

Moebius strip, what the heck is that? It's a surface which only has one side and one edge. What? Yes, that is entirely possible! I've been seeing people making knit versions of it as a shrug, but only the other day did I stumble upon an explanation on how to do it with crochet. I probably could have twigged it myself if I had studied the knit patterns, but since I only have a very rudimentary knowledge of knitting, I might not. But the science geek in me is very happy to have found out how to do this. I might actually make a moebius shrug for myself for the wedding.


I sometimes wonder exactly how young I look to other people. Rarely do people think I'm the age I am (32). Always younger. Which I suppose I should be happy about! But then again. This morning I was a bit early for work, so I sat in the lunch room and I was drawing in my sketchbook. As you do. And one of my colleagues asked me "are you just doodling?" I said yes and smiled and then she said "oh, I thought it might have been homework". I just smiled. Homework. Huh. I just couldn't get myself to say to her that I might be a wee bit old to be doing homework. She is really nice and she might get embarrassed in that very English way. You know what I mean. ;-)

Right-o, I'm off to cook dinner for my man when he comes home from his very taxing office job! And then we're off to Sainsbury's to buy a fan so we can feel a bit cooler in the flat. Cheerio!

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