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May 27, 2008

Tea with hat

Sometimes I make things which I think you can safely put in the Silly category. Like this mug cosy. It is functional, though! Tony would use a lid from a plastic tub to keep his tea warm. Which also works, but, me being me, of course I had to come up with something myself.

When I first made it, he laughed at me. It didn't have the pompoms then. You can imagine his reaction when I decided to add the pompoms. Yeah, exactly. Now it looks kinda like a puffy creamy cake has landed on the mug.

As silly as this looks, I can see a potential in it. Making some for glasses so you don't get bugs in your ice tea while lounging on the patio, for example. Although that's not a problem for us as we don't drink ice tea and we haven't got a patio on which to lounge. But I might whip up a few for my parents... ;-)

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