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June 6, 2008

Hot and humid

This is the Green House at the Botanical Gardens in Århus. We will very likely be doing our wedding photos there.

Because it offers both an indoors and outdoors option. We're of course keeping our fingers crossed for nice weather, but you never know.

So although the Gardens are lovely and our first choice (especially that pretty white bridge!), it's nice to know that there is a waterproof alternative.

And I suspect that, even if it turns out to be lovely weather, we might still go inside the Green House and take a few pictures.

It is very beautiful and interesting in there. I love foliage. But you knew that.

And what about this interesting chap? Also, there are butterflies flying freely in one of the sections.

However, there is one little downside to the Green House; parts of it is tropical or subtropical and that means hot and humid. How comfortable is that going to be in dresses and suits, eh?

PS: How friggin' sweet is my Tony? Last night after he had read my sentimental bread post from the other day, he went on a search for a recipe for birkes (Danish breakfast roll) and said "if we succeed in making these, we can make them for breakfast every Saturday. He totally rocks!

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