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June 12, 2008

Swatch swap

Picture borrowed from Jesse's blog. (Hope she doesn't mind! (-; )

Jesse (of the very inspiring jezzeblog) has started a Swatch Swap and I signed up for it. This is how it works:
Here's my idea: I'm going to make a quilt, of simple squares, and I'd like it to be as colourful and varied as possible. So how about a swap? I'll send you a 20cm/7.8 inches square of one of my prints, and you send me one of yours. Medium-weight fabric, not too thick and not too thin, with a hand printed design. Small enough to stick in an ordinary envelope.
Doesn't that sound fun? Would you like to swap a swatch with me too? Email me or leave a comment where you make sure to fill in the email field (no one but me will see it!). Or maybe you'd like to swap a swatch with Jesse! To do that, just leave a comment on that post I linked to above.

Hand printed means... well, anything you can think of, really. Potato print, citrus fruit, gocco, stencil, screen print, finger painting, letting your cat walk in some paint and then walk on some fabric, drawing on fabric. Anything.

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