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June 9, 2008

Why me?

I don't know what it is about me that apparently attract strange people or strange behaviour. While I lived in Scotland for a little while, I had several encounters with odd peeps, most notably 2 drunk homeless guys (at least, they seemed homeless); they were nice enough, but none the less, when they asked what my name was and where I came from, I told them a fake name and that I came from Germany. And in the local McDonald's a crazy woman started asking me about the cardigan I was wearing. That much I understand at first. It took me a while to realise that she was asking me if I was from the Shetland Islands because of the sweater (a woolly grey number made by my grandma). Think crazy cat lady from the Simpsons and you sorta get an idea what she was like.

Fast forward to the present day. One day at work a guy came in and he was asking me about the all-purpose cloths we sell; which ones would I buy, the cheap ones or the cheap-cheap ones? I told him I'd just take the cheap-cheap ones (I doubt there's much difference anyway) and then he apparently got so elated he felt the need to give me a hug! I was like WTF!? And told him "EXCUSE ME! You don't just hug people!!!" He apologised profusely but that didn't make it any less WEIRD!

Last week, a colleague and I were putting some labels on shelves and this couple came over and was looking at something on some adjacent shelves. The man came over to us like he was going to look at 'our' shelves and naturally I moved out of the way (it is not my job to be in people's way, you understand), but then he moved over to where I was and I motioned to move again. And then he looked at me and said "don't worry, I'm just joshing ya" and then HE PUT HIS HANDS OVER MY EARS AND MUSSED UP MY HAIR!!! My colleague thought they were Tony's parents, but I think she quickly realised that they were nothing to do with me and said to me to go get the rest of our labels. I was completely gob-smacked and the rest of that day I felt really paranoid.

And today, another colleague brought over a customer who was looking for something on my department and of course I said I'd show him where it was. And then he bent towards me with his hand stretched out like he was going to take my hand and said "come on" like he was talking to a little kid. I was like "NO, you do NOT TAKE MY HAND!" So I started walking over to my department with him in tow and he seemed like he got distracted by some dvds on the way and I just said in the coldest way possible "this way, please". I showed him where the stuff was that he was looking for and then I just left him there. Yeah, we're supposed to stay with the customer until they have found what they are looking for or have clearly indicated that they need no further help. But that guy? Forgettaboutit.

People are weird. Really, really weird. You met any weirdos like that?

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