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June 8, 2008

You think of a title

Ack. Not much crafting is going on here. Well, there is, but I haven't got any pictures of it. That is a combination of the camera batteries needing charging and me being to lazy to put them in the charger. So in stead here's a picture from last year. English peeps can probably guess what shops those bags are from. ;-)

Yesterday we tried watching two films: Blood Diamond and Michael Clayton. About 25 minutes into Blood Diamond I had to ask Tony to turn it off; it was just too much. The scene where they are 'training' the kids to be soldiers had me in tears. I do not cope well with cruelty. Michael Clayton was just boring. Maybe I would have turned out okay, but if you're almost nodding off, it doesn't bode well, now, does it?

So I had this crazy idea: how about a meet-up? With very short notice: on Tuesday! I'm going to London (if it's not too swelteringly hot!) to see this Street Art exhibition at Tate Modern, do a bit of drawing somewhere and finishing off with a visit to the opening of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at the Hayward. You may know that Helle of Gooseflesh has made part of this - from plastic bags (among them, those in the picture up there!) - and she will be there for the opening.

Whaddya say? Email me if you're up for it. :-)

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