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July 29, 2008

Bloomin' 'eck!

Still playing with Inkscape. Happy flowers to take my mind of yet another appliance breakdown in our little home. *deep sigh* This time it's the oven. It refuses to do that very essential oven function, heat up to cook food. Light comes on, fan comes on ( fan assisted, you see) and even the grill works. But simple oven function... nothing happens. Goodness knows how much that is going to cost. *even deeper sigh*

Wanna help reduce this appliance headache? Pop over to the shop and get yourself a little something. I will refund the postage for all purchases for the rest of this week. Why not help yourself to a large version of that illo up there? Here it is in 1024 x 768px. It is for your own personal use, you can't use it for profit or any kind of nefarious purpose. ;-)

And slap me thrice and hand me to me mama, I found out how to export* an Inkscape file to a format that the Gimp can read! This is making me downright giddy! The possibilities are endless! Just playing with Inkscape the last couple of days I've learnt a load of stuff - lots of hurdles have been jumped. Hooray!

Oh man, I've got so many ideas I want to turn into reality and now I feel like I can. First up I'm thinking that those dinos from earlier might be the starting point of...something. We'll see..

Now, please do go spend some cash, it's bound to be someone's birthday soon, right? So it's a win-win situation, you can give a one of a kind pressie and we can have hot food again.

*Would anyone be interested in a tutorial for this?

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