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July 7, 2008

Mum's Monday surprise

Hello, hello, I can finally reveal that Tony and I are in Denmark right now! Woohoo! I couldn't say it before, for fear that my mum might see it on my blog. Because it is her birthday on Thursday so we wanted to surprise her! Although, we won't actually be here on Thursday (going back Wednesday), but that's almost as good, no? And she certainly was surprised!

My dad, who has been in on this the whole time, picked us up at the airport and then we went to Ã…rhus to try and find my mum. You see, she had gone there to do some dress related shopping (which we hadn't exactly planned on!), but my dad couldn't ask her too many questions about where she was or where she was going, lest she figure out that something was going on! But he managed to get her to go to this craft/paper shop and there we were, hiding behind a van! I jumped out from behind it and said "mum!", but at first it didn't register that it was me, because how could it be? He he, the look on her face when she realised that we were actually there! Hooray for surprises!

The (new type of) Happyscape up there is my mum's present. Well, we are her present too. I think she liked that!

Of course, we are also here so I can try on my dress. Which she has only just started making today! The last couple of weeks I've been bugging here slightly "sooo, have you started my dress yet?" The answer being no, because she was waiting for the fabric! Which she got on Friday - and I almost spilled the beans then so she could get a head start on the dress. But I didn't! I managed to keep my mouth shut. Ha!

These little Hapyscapes are also a birthday present, for one of my friends. I've made them on pages from the small watercolour Moleskine I've got. Heh, finally found a use for it. And rounding all the corners makes them look really rather sweet. :-)

Phew! I'm sorry to be so wordy... I'm really tired, got up at 3:45 this morning! And when I'm really, really tired my brain tends to overload!

Hope you're all having a fab Monday too!

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