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July 23, 2008

Not the best morning ever

Yesterday our toilet wouldn't flush, so we got to try the "flushing your toilet with a bucket of water" technique. Wonderful. Tony's dad came round in the evening and they fixed it. And all was good.

Or so we thought. This morning it is not working properly again. But what is worse is a leak somewhere so part of the carpet in the bedroom is soaked and the lino in the bathroom is buckling too. This is REALLY bad news as you can imagine! We're just waiting for Tony's dad again... but I suspect we have to get in the, er, professionals. No matter what happens in our flat, I'm just hoping no water will leak down to the flat below us.

At least our 'garden' is doing well. I love this Penstemon. And the scent of it is absolutely delicious, wafting in through the doors. I hope you've had a better start to the day!

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