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July 22, 2008

Pretty + pile

These are the larger scraps from a little project I'm working on. I have a carrier bag full of other scraps and I'm thinking "oh, wouldn't it be wonderful to make a quilt using only the scraps!" Yes, I'm sure it would. But perhaps right now isn't the right time? Although, if I hand stitched the scraps together it could be my 'mindlessly keeping my hands busy in front of the telly' project. Any tips on hand stitching?

Seeing those colours and prints together just makes me terribly happy.

And here are the scraps from the scraps. They look quite pretty too, in all their randomness! But they are going in the bin. Mostly, they are too small to make much of anything.

And here's my current pile of library books. Slightly obsessed. ;-)

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