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July 17, 2008

Uno frigodetto, por favor

I made this the other evening. Hand drawn flowers and leaves on blue fabric. I got a Pentel Fabric Gel roller for £1 in WH Smith the other week and recently I had this idea to simply draw on fabric. The gel roller is awesome and I want to get some more. It is rather time consuming to draw on fabric; imagine doing it on a whole yard or more! Which is of course exactly what I intend to do once I have some spare time and a specific project in mind!

This is one of the tests I've been doing for the wedding shawl. I do not have a link at the ready for it, but it is actually a doily type thing that you put on a chair, but by using different yarn and hook it will be a lot bigger than in the original pattern. The cotton yarn I'm using here is just for testing purposes. Although, I'm not sure if I'm going to use this pattern. I might make my own, using what I have learnt from this one (and other ones). One thing I have learnt is that what I called leaf shapes are actually called pineapples. How summery, eh?

And speaking of summery. The colours so far in this embroidery wip remind me of being on holiday in Spain as a kid and eating frigodettos (ice lollies shaped like a finger, how strange) in the sun.

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