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August 17, 2008

To the awesomest dude in the world

It's my sweet Tony's birthday today! We've had a very quiet day, just the two of us. Tony's family is away on holiday - how they managed to forget that he's actually 30 this year is a little beyond me. But never mind, we had the surprise bash for him last weekend. I think that makes up for it...

We went and had a nice meal together at lunch time, came back and this afternoon Tony has been to see the new Batman film. Alone. Because it ain't my kind of thing. I have the scaredy cat threshold of a four year old - and heck, even some of them are braver than me! ;-)

The last couple of days Tony has been busy in the kitchen baking cakes to take to work. Brownies, muffins, ginger biscuits and lemon cake. The lemon cake was a trial of one we were going to make for the wedding, but it turned out not so nice. So we're definitely not having that! But all those cakes are the proof just how sweet my Tony is; most other people would just have brought in whatever cakes were on offer in Tesco...

Happy, happy birthday, my sweet love. xoxo

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