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August 20, 2008

Tree(s) of happiness meme

Deary me, not just one, but two awesome ladies have tagged me to do the Tree of happiness meme. I guess that means I gotta do it then! ;-) And in turn I tag these lovely people: Lindsey, jen, natesmama, Shelley G, and Lisa.

The Happiness Tree sayeth that you must list six things that make you happy. These are my six (in nor particular order - well, apart from numero uno!):

1. Tony. Tony, Tony, Tony!! He makes me insanely happy. And it makes me very, very happy that after 5 years together I can still get butterflies when I think about seeing him at the end of the work day.
2. On a different scale; our little 'garden' makes me very happy, because it is so pretty and it smells nice and attracts bumblebees. But mostly because after 2 months ALL the plants are still alive AND doing well!
3. You. Wow, it still blows my mind that people (strangers!) actually pop in and read my silly ramblings. And through the blog I've got to know some people beyond being complete strangers. Friends, even. Despite never having met!
4. The ability to make things by hand. To create something out of nothing. How amazing is that? I can't imagine just spending my spare time watching telly!
5. Learning new things. Especially strange and obscure things. It makes me a wee bit sad too, though. Not everyone can appreciate the wonderful things there is to know about the world. For example, if I exclaim to Tony "oh look how long the anthers are on that flower!" Blank expression is usually the answer I get. ;-)
6. Modern technology; it'd be a lot harder to keep in touch with my family without the internet. Thank you Skype! Thank you email! Thank you Flickr!

... hmmm, actually, there are more than six things which make me happy. That's for another meme, perhaps? ;-)

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