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September 9, 2008

Gettin' high

I'm sorry that I'm being somewhat boring at the moment. It is partially because we're gearing up for Christmas (no, really) at work so I'm working more. Oh the joys of retail, eh? And there's the small matter of our upcoming wedding which is also keeping me busy with this and that.

And speaking of wedding related things. As pretty as the red shoes are, that particular red just doesn't go with the blue of the dress. So the hunt was on for another pair. Luckily, we found THE shoes in one of the first shops we tried. Thank the Force! I really don't like shopping...

But I do really like these shoes! They have a vintage sorta vibe to them. I'm a wee bit worried about the heels, though. I never wear heels, so these seem really high for me! But I've been wearing them around the flat to get used to them and so far they seem okay.

I was going to make a bag for the wedding, but I've decided not to. I'd want to make it to my own design and getting close as we are, I'd just get really frantic about it being just so. To the rescue came this pretty number from Accessorize, ain't it lovely? It's big enough for my camera (what? you didn't figure I'd be takin' some pictures myself?) and other bits and bobs, but not too big. AND it's not too fancy, so I can use it afterwards. Which is good. I don't like the single-use, for one day only kinds of purchases that do happen for a wedding - especially when it comes to shoes and clothes...

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