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October 7, 2008

Memories of questionable taste

I once had lots of horrible jewellery, lots of plastic things. Ick. I still have some plastic things, but they are from the 80s, so it can hardly be helped!

I thought it'd be fun to share some of my 'collection' of jewellery. Maybe you have one of your own? Of questionable taste perhaps?

These are most of my brooches. I won't bore you with a description of all of them (I don't remember exactly how I got them all, so it wouldn't even be possible!). Just one will suffice. And it is rather special to me. See that small one with the Danish flag and the Olympic rings in gold? When was the Olympic Games in South Korea?

Well, that year there was a drawing contest in countries around the world (for kids) and if your drawing was selected it would be sent to an exhibition in South Korea. Well, shiver me timbers, my drawing of the Emperor and his Nightingale was picked and I got a letter 'from' the Danish Queen who was the protector for this and that pin up there. How cool is that? It meant A LOT to me then - still does, i suppose, seeing as I've kept it all these years...

I love earrings! When I was younger I used to wear really rather big ones. The bigger the better, really. But interesting ones, not like the chavvy gold ones you see the kids with here in England. The copper and wood beads are from Prague, I got them on a school trip there in 1993. Man, that was a fun trip! And it was just after the fall of the Berlin wall and all that so everything was unbelievably cheap.

I rarely wear big earrings these days, but those copper ones do get out of the box from time to time. Same with the dangly ones next to them. Someone I went to school with had a pair like them and I was terribly envious. What joy when I got a pair myself! They make the most terrific dangling sound!

Talk about questionable taste! Look at these babies. Most of them are from the 80s. For some strange reason I have quite a few fishy earrings; and I don't even like fish! The mask on the left is one of my favourites. Unfortunately, I lost the other one, but I've still held on to this one for many, many years. It's just so pretty to me.

These are just random pendants and earrings. Most of them I don't remember how I got, but I lke them very much. I definitely have a fondness for the rocaille and often go for something along those lines. The rectangle with the blue circle used to be my mum's so that must be from the 60s or 70s. I should ask her about that...

It's fun to look at these things from time to time. There are so many memories locked up in them. Even the ones I don't think I can remember anything about, eventually something will surface. It's nice to have physical things that links you to who and where you were at other times of your life. I'm not someone who keeps my clothes for decades (well, apart from a few pieces). But jewellery is another matter.

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