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February 9, 2009

Ice cream phaves

1. nikscarlett 2. pspress 3. skullbunny 4. rkdsign88 5. audreypongracz 6. bluebirdiesinger 7. 3LambsGraphics 8. acrylicana 9. kirby

I was going to use insects as Mela suggested, but I'm just not an insect person; creepy crawly things make me very uneasy! So, it's ice cream instead. Enjoy! ;-)

My favourite is no. 1. Great colours and cool image altogether. No. 9 reminds me of our honeymoon, oddly enough! In Rome it is not uncommon to see guys in smart suits coming out of a gelateria with an ice cram in hand. Much like you'd see his English counterpart with a styrofoam cup of tea or coffee.

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