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March 14, 2009

Getting to know you - Ali Sabin from IPullPrints Printshoppe

Hey guys, it's time for another interview! With Ali of IPullPrints. One of her prints was in my Elephant phaves post of last month. And because I am a fan of her prints, I had to know some more. Please be sure to check out her shop for lots of awesome (and red!) prints. This is what Ali had to say. Thank you, Ali!

Your name
Ali Sabin from IPullPrints Printshoppe :: blog :: shop ::

Where in the world are you?
Athens, Georgia.

Briefly describe yourself and what you make

I'm Ali Sabin. I'm a 30yr old web designer at UGA and I make prints, little prints mostly, by hand. I’m crazy about candy (though im not allowed to have it) and love my puppies so much that I wont bother having kids. They are my sunshine... They look like a couple of dodos here but they’re actually quite sophisticated.

Who or what inspires you?
Hmm...Red and Aqua! I love Red and Aqua! Candy Wrappers, Product Packaging, Vintage Graphic design for sure. Ultra-bright movies (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Nacho Libre, etc.)

I took this picture a while ago for ultimate-supremo inspiration for two reasons:

1) Red and Aqua 2) He looks angry and that’s hysterical.

When / how did you learn?

Hmmm, many moons ago. As a kinda broke kid, I used to constantly make things out of junk; for instance, i fashioned my own Barbie furniture with my Granny out of anything we could rummage (ie, a face-cloth for a Barbie-Dream-Comforter-Set). I went to art school here for 5.5 years after that and refined my techniques.

Why do you 'bother' to make things by hand?
This is gonna get deep...well, when someone creates something, they embody an energy that combines feeling proud, adept, expressed; all-in-all, a delightful spark of accomplishment. This spark translates into the life of the object: at a show, when someone purchases said object, the excitement and appreciation the artist feels radiates and is passed on to the consumer. They will remember the joy they brought to the artist every time they encounter the object and it gives the piece a timeline of memories. In summary, handmade carries that spark.

What is your craft ”philosophy”?
Enjoy the process especially. If a project is driving you mad, stop, stop now. Throw it under a train or something as the process is worth far more than the result.

Fondest craft-related memory?
When I successfully carved a good likeness to my main-man, the Hopper Dog. Here are the plans…this will also become a big ole tattoo on my should to cover something really stupid that I got when I was a kid.

Have you always made 'stuff'?
Yes, yes I have.

Can you reveal a little about your creative process?
It usually involves me, a very small area, my dogs, lots of random snacks and a VH1 reality show in the background (I love Bret Michael’s Rock of Love Bus Show, its very colorful).

How do you deal with crafty mistakes?
Toss it. It’ll only hold you back.

Favourite book(s) or craftbook(s)?
Lotta Prints is precious. DIY (Design It Yourself) is good. Um… Apartment Therapy has a RAD BOOK!

Do you have a designated craft space? What does it mean to you?
Ahaha, one half of my fianc├ęs computer table (it’s a pretty long table).

Do you use a sketchbook or journal?

More like random bits of receipt…

Why is crafting good for you?
It keeps me from partying like David Lee Roth. There are over 60 bars less than 5 minutes from my house. Lets see…fantastic sense of accomplishment, decreased mass production/consumerism, time with the pups vs. hangover

Is your art/ craft a business as well? Any advice on running an arty/ crafty business?
I like to think so. I’ve made a fist full of dollars. Keep it fun.

What impact (if any) has the internet had on your craft?
The internet is everyone’s personal pr rep, it’s the b.o.m.b.

Do you make art or craft? Is there a difference?
Craft I guess. Bit of both.

If you could make any project without limits to cost, materials or even skill, what would it be?
Hmm, I would build a giant cupcake for the whole world to nibble on. No, not really. I’d probably try my hand at screenprinting.

This has been fun, thanks.

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