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May 29, 2009

Happy hallway

Last weekend we completed stage 2 of our little home makeover. Painting the hallway. Which of course was also magnolia. The grey paint is the same as the bathroom paint - a tester to see if it would work in the hallway. It wouldn't!

So we painted it white. You can see the difference by these 2 walls, right? The pink at the top on the right is masking tape, in case you were wondering. Not very good masking tape, though.

Our front door before painting the wall around it. Again, see the difference between the two walls? Cannot stress how happy I am to be rid of that tar yellow!

Front door end all done. Now, I know that in the winter it will still be fairly dark what with there being no windows in the hallway. But hells bells, doesn't it look a lot better? I feel so happy everytime I walk through there. And this being a pretty small flat, that happens countless times a day, so I am feeling pretty happy! ;-)

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