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May 26, 2009

In the little things, more

For six years, that has been the truth. Although we only got married 8 months ago, we might as well have tied the knot six years ago, because after the first 6 days we spent together I knew that 'this is it, he's the one'. And I have on pretty good authority that he felt the same way.

After six years we still don't take each other for granted. Maybe being together long distance for the first 2 and a bit years is the reason for that. I sometimes still feel so lucky that we get to sit down and have dinner together everyday or go to the library, or when he bakes bread at the weekend. Those little things were so rare before I moved here. And of course there (are) have been sacrifices involved with moving here, but they are all worth it. Because of the little things.

Also, saying 'I love you' when you're apart means a lot. But saying it when you are together is just as important. Even saying it in a silly way or with a funny voice (him) or by secretly dropping little notes into a bag (me.)


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