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June 12, 2009

Act. Inspire yourself

Hey, here is that embroidery wip I posted earlier (this week? - I can't even remember, this week has been rather muddled..) and now it is no longer a wip because it is finished.

I really cannot recommend this sort of thing enough. Just stitching away with no plan whatsoever. Of course, you could use it to practice new stitches and/or to use up bits of embroidery thread. It's all good. Keeps you busy and out of trouble! ;-)

I think it is so important to sometimes do something that has no purpose, where there are no expectations for the outcome and, most importantly, where there is no right or wrong so you can't mess it up.

Randomwork (I literally just made that up! ha!) holds a massive potential for inspiring new, more intentional, work. I've already got several ideas from working on this one. I read or heard a quote somewhere the other day that goes something like "you can't wait for inspiration before you take action, you have to act to be inspired".

I think that is so true. So many times I have procrastinated on this project or another because 'I'm not feeling inspired' but if I just do one little thing, take that first step, something happens and it just sort of unfolds. You know what I mean?

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