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June 11, 2009

Happy creative space

My creative space is obviously not on the clothes horse, but here is my granny square blanket, taking a break from being put together. This part of the process is one I could do without, but I have come up with a method of joining the squares that is fairly quick, so another couple of evenings in front of the telly and it should be done. Can't wait to see it finished! :-)

This is my 'actual' creative space today: embroidering and making more Happyscapes while watching Il Postino. Has anyone seen this amazing film? If you haven't, but decide to do it, I strongly recommend watching it with the audio commentary by the director. Makes the film even more special.

I finished 3 Happyscapes today- that's got to be a new record! And I put them in the shops already. Getting 2 hours sleep apparently makes me hyper-active. ;-)

More creative spaces thissa way!

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