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June 25, 2009

My not so creative space

My goodness. What was supposed to be an hour's worth of work turned into an all day kind of thing. Just because bloody software wouldn't cooperate! If any of you are Scribus experts, I'd love to hear from you: Scribus keeps crashing, especially when I save a document!

I finally succumbed and downloaded a trial version of InDesign, which I can barely remember how to use, which took a wee bit to install and stuff. Oi. Don't you just hate it when tech misbehaves?

Anyway, I have managed to put together a pattern for the Tree of Life embroidery. Not terribly creative today, but I did play around with different colour ideas and stuff. I have done some cushion covers for my mum which are white embroidery on blue and that's the inspiration for this particular one. I 'owe' her another one, so I may just have to make her one of these. :-)

The pattern is available in my shops (Etsy + Artfire) or you can email me and we can sort it out directly. :-) Anyone who purchases this pattern (until June 30) and quotes "I wanna beat my computer with a stick" will receive an extra little embroidery pattern. :-)

And here's to hopin' that tomorrow is a bit more creative and bit less frustrating!

More folks with more creative spaces!

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