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June 12, 2009

The Swedish National Heritage Board

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love looking at old, faded photographs. And if you head over to the Swedish National Heritage Board's Flickr stream there is plenty of old, faded goodness to be inspired by. And just look at those beautiful cyanotypes!

The images are not just from Sweden, there are some from Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark (yay!)

1. Frieze in Curman villa, Stockholm, Sweden, 2. Tonsaasen Sanatorium, Valdres, Norway, 3. Big Bathouse and Curman villa, Lysekil, Sweden, 4. Woman at "Skraenten", Skodsborg, Denmark, 5. Interior, Floragatan 3, Stockholm, Sweden, 6. Calla, Sigurd and Carolina Curman, Lysekil, Sweden, 7. Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark, 8. People in garden, Lysekil, Sweden, 9. On the beach in Scheveningen, the Netherlands

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