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July 2, 2009

I've been making stuff today!

Today was a lot more creative than last Thursday. I actually made something! Yay! I spent a good chunk of time on the sofa, working on some more embroidery. At long last a new Happyscape embroidery. It 'only' took me a couple of months! ;-)

I used some silver dmc thread in this, and it reminded me why I rarely use that. It is so tricky to thread into the needle. It is stiff and it splits and is generally not very cooperative! Any tips for using silver or other metal threads? I would like to use the silver one more, but I just can't be bothered when it frustrates me so much!

Anyway, this Happyscape doesn't actually have a name yet. The other one is called Spring, but this new one... not sure. The only thing I've thought of, and I'm not sure if I like it, is 'Happyspace - the desert island'. Probably because of the shells. Who knows.

So. Help! Leave a comment with a suggestion for the name and I'll send a random commenter + the Chosen One the pattern (once I get it done, that is, heh!) - I'll pick the name + winners on Monday.

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