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July 28, 2009

Listen to polar bears

Painting. I love painting. And I love polar bears. I think my first painting was of polar bears on some snowy rocks. Probably around 20 years ago. Gave it to my aunt from Greenland and, amazingly, she still has it!

Well, I guess you can never get away from your first loves, so here I am, painting polar bears again.

And painting humans. Not something I feel terribly confident painting. Humans are difficult! The perfectionist part of me that I try very hard to suppress is only too happy to point fingers at my attempts at capturing the human form. I suspect the trick is to not let it and just use my eyes, instead of what I 'know' about humans.

Listening to our senses when we create is terribly important, I think. And then we have to practice. So much. Always practice, so your hands, your body knows when the creation feels right.

Listen and practice. And then, maybe, it will take flight. Everything we create has the potential to lead us to more creations. If we let them. Even the 'failed' ones; listen and learn.

The bottom two of these paintings are in my newly revived other Etsy shop.

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