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August 3, 2009

9 more reasons your blog or site is annoying

Here we go, following on from this post: 9 reasons I leave your blog or site without coming back .

Again, not out to get anyone or poking fingers. Just a wee bit of friendly advice to the world at large. ;-)

10. Don't use a background colour/image that is too overpowering, it makes everything disappear and, guess what, it hurts my eyes! Fluro green is not a good background colour!

11. Please make sure that people can distinguish links from the rest of the text. It may seem oldfashioned, but a simple underline is actually quite nice. It says 'link', very simply. And please don't use underlining for other parts of the text if it's not clear that it isn't a link.

12. Don't use blinking or scrolling or crawling text. Seriously, why would you?

13. Don't use text in different colours, please just stick with one, one that is easy to read. Paragraphs of text in all the colours of the rainbow may look pretty or creative to you, but it just makes it difficult to read.

14. Make sure that the colour of your text is actually readable against your background. Light grey on another light grey may look pretty and stylish, but, by Jove, it is difficult to read! Or red on black; damn near headache inducing!

15. Please don't use centre aligned text for larger amounts of text. People don't read like this normally. Left aligned is your friend. Do use centre aligned under an image, though, it underlines the image

16. Please use post titles so I get a rough idea of what I am about to read.

17. For the love of toast, if your writing looks like a 12 year old's text messages, why bother at all? Please, use punctuation and proper capitalisation!

18. Same goes for ALL BLOODY CAPS, it is like shouting with the written word. I don't like being shouted at, not in person and not when I'm reading. If you use ALL BLOODY CAPS I will automatically assume that you are a rude idiot and who wants to give them the time of day? Not me, that's for sure!

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