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August 1, 2009

Fabric makes me happy

Greeeeeeeen!! I finally bought some of this 'Barnslig' fabric from IKEA. I've been wanting it for ages but just not been able to justify it until now. Not that I have any reason to buy it, really. I have no project in mind for it. I just like it so much. It is green for Pete's sake! And the design is really cute too.

And then, oh deary me, oh my! In the bargain corner I got 8 (!!) pretty pillow cases = fabric. I couldn't believe my luck! Usually, there's maybe one or two decent ones. I absolutely love that bottom pink and orange one.

And I love that middle one here. Shame there wasn't a quilt cover as well, like there was for the green one. Although it's not big enough for our quilt, but I need it for another project anyway.

I am thinking it would be fun to use some of these to make a quilt or something. Maybe with some of the other pillow cases I've bought in IKEA. We shall see...

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