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August 5, 2009

The final 9 reasons your blog is annoying

The final post in the small series I like to call 'why your blog sucks'. Of course, your blog doesn't suck. Someone else's blog, obviously. ;-)

Oh I guess I better spell this out: although I do stand by each of these points, they are also mostly meant to be humorous. I ain't out to get anyone or poke fun of anyone or their blog. All blogs are different and so some things work on one that don't work on another. I do not claim to be the know it all of what a blog should be like - these are simply some of my bloggy pet peeves.

19. Oh yeah, do you think rAnDOm CapItaLIsAtiOn looks cute? Or fun? Or creative? Guess what? It's not. It makes you look like a fool. Sorry, but it does.

20. Please use punctuation. A large chunk of text with no visual pauses where you can "catch your breath" are really annoying to read and you shouldn't just use punctuation because your teacher told you to but also because it was invented for a reason and that reason is that when you use punctuation you don't sound like a blabbering idiot who just goes on and on without any thought for how what you are trying to communicate is coming across to the poor people who are reading it and trying to make heads or tail of what it is you are actually trying to tell them and they are getting completely exhausted by now because there hasn't been a single comma semi-colon or even a humble period to relieve them in their reading. Punctuation = friend.

21. Try to use some grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect, but do try to make an effort. Your readers will appreciate it.

22. Continually misspelling words like, 'your, you're', 'its, it's' or 'there, they're, their' is really annoying. Sure, we all slip up from time to time, but do try and make that extra tiny effort.

23. Reading through your text before hitting the post button can help you catch these little annoying things. You do proof read your writing, right? ;-)

24. Humans are visual creatures, so if you've got a lot of text, please try and break it up with a picture from time to time. You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words, right?

25. Although, some pictures should be used in moderation. Yes, your pets and kids are Adorable, but unless I know them personally, my interest fizzles out after about 2 or 3. Share the excess with people who know and love your kids/pets. Or atleast make it relevant to me. Posts that consist solely of pictures of your cat are a complete turn off.

26. Speaking of pictures of your kids. There are creepy characters freely roaming the internets who will look at that cute picture of your kid in a diaper in a less than innocent way. And it is actually quite easy to find someone's address online. Even if you haven't written it on your blog or website. If you own your domain name, this kind of information isn't that hard to come by. So, sure, have pictures of your kids, but don't use their real names (ever) and you really shouldn't show their faces either.

27. I read way more blogs than is actually reasonable so to do that I use a feed reader. And guess what? If your blog doesn't have a feed, or one that only feeds me a tiny paragraph and no pictures, I can't keep up with it properly. And I am just too lazy to come visit your blog everyday to check for updates. ;-)

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