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September 20, 2009

Fabric + happy beginning

I was going to end this post by saying something along the lines of "well, this is all nice and stuff, but since I haven't got a working sewing machine, all this lovely fabric will just sit there for goodness knows how long."

BUT! I don't have to end this post like that. No! Because the sewing machine is fixed. I fixed it! Me! I had a theory on what was wrong with it, so I took the mechanics, surounding the bobbin, apart to see if my theory was right: that when the needle came loose and fell down there, it somehow nicked into the metal.

That theory was wrong, because there was no damage to be seen on any of the parts. But after I put everything back together the machine is working again! So maybe the parts were just knocked slightly out of alignment and that is why the needle kept catching on something. In any case, it's working now. I fixed it! I am soooo happy! Not least because it saved a visit with the sewing machine doctor!

Anyway, after this happy news, let's look at some happy fabric!

I bought these (and a couple of solids, but no picture of them because that's not as interesting) in Denmark. In Stof & Stil, for anyone who is interested. I am wondering if I should get my mum to get some more of the black one because I think it might be cute as a skirt. What do you reckon? A bit over the top?

The other one is pretty cute, I think. For a bit of Christmas sewing. Not sure what, though. But I am sure some kind of inspiration will hit me at some point. And it was just too cute to not take home a little bit of it. :-)

These are from another Danish shop, called Malika & Rosa. I needed some cute fabric for my mum's birthday present. Actually, the fabric is the present, she will make it into an apron, pot holders and other kitchen-y textile items. So she got something pretty that also provides an excuse for doing some sewing. Not that she needs one! ;-)

Anyway, my mum got some of the teal coloured one on the left - I ordered a little bit extra so I could have some too. And the other two somehow fell into my virtual shopping basket as well. Strange how that happens, eh? ;-)

These two were also waiting for me in Denmark - a complete surprise from my sweet mum. She totally spoils me. Aren't they fun? They are also from Stof & Stil.

So. Now that my sewing machine is working again and I have all this lovely fabric to play with - where do I start?! ;-)

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