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October 28, 2009

Atleast one reason to love Twitter

The other day I came across this article on the Guardian website. It is about Ivy Bean who is on Twitter. There wouldn't be anything spectacular about someone being on Twitter, of course. Except that she is 104 years old! Isn't that awesome?

But the thing about that article that really moved me is this: ' Before [being on Twitter], Bean says, "All I used to do was sit all day and fall asleep. I'd be miserable if I didn't do it." '

Isn't that cool? And, not only is it keeping her awake, but think of all the people she connects with through Twitter. More than 50,000 people are following her. I'll bet she, like a lot of elderly people, don't get *that* many visits, so being able to have conversations (even ones that are only 140 characters long!) with all these lovely people -even some celebs- must be quite special for her.

Imagine if all old people could have this opportunity (if they felt like it)! Maybe life would feel a little less lonely and surely, keeping people awake physically and mentally would be an added bonus.

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