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October 30, 2009

Felt cozies

More stuuuuff for the craft fair - only 2 weeks and a bit to go! These are mobile cozies and they are, in my very humble opinion, naturally, really cool. I have been using a similar one for the past few months and I just love it. And I have been tweaking the design as I went a long.

That yellow cozy is my one, and it shows one of the designs that don't work so well; covering it in fabric. The core idea of the cozy is that there can't be any exposed edges that can fray, but covering it in fabric there is raw edges, although it's on the inside, so it doesn't fray too much. But it just doesn't look properly finished to me. So I've abandoned that idea and stayed with the 'naked' felt. Also, that picture should give an impression of how it works; the top sort of pops open, but it's a snug fit, so the phone won't fall out. Which is the other idea I wanted to 'include'; it has to cover the phone completely, but without any buttons or whatever. And it works!

But I have a question for you. I am not completely sure about the flower + leaf decoration on the one on the right - what do you think? I think it might be better to go with the simple no leaves solution.. I'd love to hear your opinion. :-)

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