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October 23, 2009

It's Friday, yay!

Something I'm working on. Maybe a new pattern. Is it too late for a Halloween pattern? ;-) Notice that 'glow in the dark' embroidery thread there? It feels different than the normal DMC thread. But it works the same, of course. And it does glow in the dark! Something like that can make me downright giddy. It's the little things, eh? ;-)

And look, oh! I finally found a place to buy this fabric for a price that wasn't too ridiculous. And even more important: not charging an arm and a leg to post it to England from the UK.

I am often tempted to buy fabric from shops on Etsy, because the price is lower than overhere. But then I look at the shipping costs that most people quote for sending 1 yard overhere and it seems ridiculously high. $10-13 for a single yard! Maybe it's just laziness? They know an envelope of a certain size costs, regardless of the number of yards in it and so that is the price they use. Maybe they can't be bothered to figure out how much 1 yard would be to send. So, often I don't buy anything because the shipping is more than that coveted yard costs in itself!

Well, I guess it's a good thing or I'd go broke from buying fabric. ;-)

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