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November 6, 2009

Beauty + preparations

I have a book with leaves and...other stuff and in that book there is a picture of 'beauty berries''. They are the same colour as these, so I am wondering if they, in fact, are beauty berries. It is a terribly pretty and exotic name, don't you think? Of course, I am too lazy to dig out the actual book, so maybe we'll never know if these are beauty berries. Love the colour!

Lots of preparations going on for the fair (in Loughton) on Nov. 15th. At the moment I am wondering what would be a good (and cheap!) way to display brooches. Any ideas?

Also, Id' like some kind of height on the table, but I haven't really got anything I can use fot that; although maybe using my small drawers from IKEA might be an idea. If I turn it around so it shows the back and then I can use the drawers to hold ..stuff. Especially if I paint it with blackboard paint, then I can write on it as well!

And, I can't decide what would be a good colour for the table cloth. But it has to be a solid colour because most of my items are pretty colourful. So maybe black or white, so it's completely neutral. Any thoughts? What do you do?

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