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November 25, 2009

Fence me in

Hello, this is a..uhh.. public service sort of post. Look at that picture up there - that's my computer desktop. Doesn't it look lovely and clutter free? Especially lovely because it has an aerial photo of the first bit of Denmark you see when flying over from England. But I digress...

Looks can be deceiving and so with my desktop, because this is what it actually looks like. Quite a different story, isn't it? I love the clean look of the above image. But my desktop just cannot stay like that, because, well, I dump 'stuff' there and not in a tidy or moderate way.

So, how can I have both? Tidy and mess all at once? If you're like me, you may want to check out a little program called Fences. You can make boxes (the darker rectangles in the 'messy' shot) to group similar files or folders. And the "Fenced" boxes can be any size, so you can have 20 files in one, but only show a few - then you simply scroll in the box to the desired file.

But what abot the clean look? It's the best bit. And so simple and great: double-click to show your messy desktop, double-click to hide it. Oh how I wish such a facility was available for my home. Double-click and all the cleaning is done.

You can set files and folders manually, so if you want the folder with pictures of your pet iguana always visible, you can. So neat.

Please do yourself a favour and check (try!) out Fences, especially if you are a li'l miss messy like me, but still like the serenity of a clean desktop. I can't remember where I came across Fences, but I've been using it for about 6 months and It Is Awesome.

And the best bit is that Tony, who of course is a complete desktop clean freak, can't see all the clutter on my computer and so I avoid the "OMG what is all that crap on your desktop?!" comments. ;-)

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