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November 26, 2009

Goodies for us

Look what I finally* received yesterday! Our advent calendar from my parents. Yay! Can't wait to see what is in the parcels - my mum puts a lot of effort into it every year and I Really Appreciate That! And now that it has become a tradition, I can't imagine December over here without this missive from home...

*Finally not due to any tardiness on my mum's behalf, but because of Royal Mail's uselessness. My mum sent the parcel on Nov 10 and when it still had not arrived earlier this week, we decided to look into it. Luckily my mum had bought 'track and trace' for it, so we could check its whereabouts online. Apparently Royal Mail had tried to deliver it - according to the online information, but noone had been here on the day in question (I know, because I am a job-less bum who sits at home in my jammies all day ;-) ). And even if they had been here, they hadn't left a 'sorry you were out' card.

Really not impressed with Royal Mail- oh well, I got my parcel now, so December is safe. :-)

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