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November 18, 2009

So I made a book

And this is it. Still waiting to receive the actual book, but I made it nonetheless. It's quite addictive making books with Blurb. Making the ones from our wedding and honeymoon pictures was a lot of work, but darn fun too. So I've been itching to make another, you know, just for fun!

So I did. It is called 'Inside & Outside', because that is pretty much what it is; and eclectic mix of pictures I have taken over the past few years. Some are inside, some are outside. Some are taken from a plane, some from a moving car. Some are very colourful and some are very not. Click here to get a preview of the book...

It is really easy to make books with Blurb. You just download their book program, add photos and text, move stuff around until you're happy and Bob's your uncle! I actually didn't realise before that you can actually customise the templates supplied in the program, but you can which is really great because you can truly make it your own. :-)

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