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December 17, 2009

Frog a ripple

This is the progress on my giant ripple blanket. The plan was to just do random spectrums with no 'rules' as such. But I think I am leaning more and more towards scrapping that plan and (here we go again) frog the blanket. Because, and this may be hard to believe coming from me, I guess sometimes you can use too many colours at once...

So. Now I have to decide which colours to use. I think maybe something on the cool scale, seeing as it is for our bed and most of our bedding, and the curtains, are blue. :-)


  1. This is beautiful, I think it would very good with blue curtains and bedding.

  2. I love this! Keep it up! It is so beautiful! You can never have to mucho colour!

  3. Too late, I have already started frogging it! :-D

    But thank you for defending the techni-colour dream blanket. ;-)

  4. It's beautiful!!! I saw in as I scrolled down and it took my breath away! Sad you frogged it but I understand! Glad to find your blog, will be definately checking in often!


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