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December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

Goodness, didn't mean to disappear for so long. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, not too stressful etc! And I'm back just in time to wish you a happy new year. Wow, can you believe that it's a new year already? And what's more, it's a new decade! Blimey!

Tony drove to work today and I decided to go with him, so I spent the morning drawing at Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Those 2 should not be confused for one another. And in passing you could actually mistake Westminster Cathedral for a mosque because it is built in a Byzantine style. Anyway, more about my drawing adventure later, with drawings! Suffice to say that it was Really Really Cold and I have still not warmed through!

I feel pretty bad for forgetting to let y'all know who won the Christmas ornament pattern. But I guess late is better than never, huh? The pattern goes to April, so please send me an email and let me know if you want the ornament pattern or another one, seeing as we've now gone past Christmas. :-)

Ok, better find a blanket to snuggle under-

I wish you a happy, peaceful, prosperous and wonderful new year. See you in 2010!

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  1. Happy New Year to YOU! I hope that you've managed to warm up, and I can't wait to see what you drew!


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