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December 15, 2009

My Christmas tree manifesto - sort of

It's gettin' close to Christmas now, yay! So I thought I'd show you our tree. Not that it is that different from the past few years.. Except: we were *this* close (imagine me holding my thumb and index finger about 5mm apart - *that* close!) to getting a FAKE tree!

Because earlier this year we got a couple of new pieces of furniture which means that the 'tree space' has shrunk considerably, so we figured that it'd be easier to find a skinny fake tree. But luckily we couldn't find an acceptable one in our price range, so we got a real one after all. *phew*

A smaller one. But a very well proportioned one, as you can see in the picture. And despite it being smaller than usual, I actually managed to fit most of our decorations on there.

Funny things, decorations. I remember where I got pretty much all of them (I might not be able to remember the exact year, but hey). I find it so weird that you can buy (fake) trees with all the decorations ready to go on. What is the point of that?

To me, Christmas is about traditions and memories. And, well, I don't really see it sticking too long in anyone's mind "oh yes, this is the tree we bought in B&Q in 2009 with all the colour coordinated decorations". Do you? Decorations ought to be slightly mismatched. A happy mix of treasured handmade decorations and precious ornaments made from long-lasting materials. Who cares if they are colour coordinated? Who cares if they match your decor? They should speak of fun, of good times and memories of the people you make Christmas with.

The decorations should last as long as the memories.. not fade or go plastic-y yellow. It should be a joy to open the boxes of ornaments and carefully unwrap each piece, thinking back on previous Christmases as you hang it on a branch...

Here's a new-ish tradition that Tony and I have started. A couple of years ago we came across a couple of these tree light holders and we decided to start collecting them. So far we've got 3, which, luckily, is as many as they have made, so we haven't missed any. Each is different, but they all have the little porcelaine dish in common. To catch any dripping candle wax, I imagine. I think they are so pretty.

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