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December 18, 2009

Walk on water

We've actually got snow in our neck of the woods at the moment. It's lovely; makes everything brighter and nicer. It literally feels like someone has put a bright light outside our flat, quite the change from the usual quite-darkness we get at this time of year.

And I just found this picture on my coomputer (my apologies for the bad quality of the picture, it's a photo of a photo that I didn't even take out of its plastic sleeve!): it is from circa 1983/84, I can't remember exactly.

Look at what my mum, my little sister and I are standing on. That is not a rock covered in snow, nor are we surrounded by rocks covered in snow. Nope. That is Vesterhavet (the Western Sea - part of the North Sea), frozen as far as the eye could see! Not sure how far out we are in this photo, but probably a couple hundred metres.

Crazy, huh?

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  1. Hi Carina,
    Wow what a photo! I bet you had stories to tell of winters in Denmark!

    We have snow coming here - hurray! It's south of us and will hit tonite and tomorrow. It's a good thing it is hitting us on the weekend cause the people around here panic when snow comes and it makes my hubby and I laugh having grown up in the mid-west region where it is cold and snowy and nothing closes down. Have to see what happens and if we get a good snowfall.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)


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