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January 4, 2010

I think I am going to need 2010 twice

Ok, so here are (some of) my plans, goals and ideas for 2010. I am already looking forward to this time next year when I can look back and hopefully have a whole lot of these things 'checked'.

So, let's see:

I'd like to learn to sew clothes, or atleast get started on learning. I got Cal Patch's Design-It-Yourself Clothes for Christmas and it looks inspiring. I am taking the book with me to Denmark next week so my mum and I can have a wee chat about clothes making; if you recall, she made my wedding dress. :-) This 'goal' is more about process than actual finished items of clothing, but I would like to end up with 2 items of clothing for me and 1 for Tony.

I want to make more art this year, both painting and drawing. More about this in a separate post, I think.

Also in the 'make art' (not war) category: start AND finish 2 embroidered portraits.

Fill up the inspiration well:
- Read 1 book per month about something interesting: an artist (like the Matisse one in the photo), astro-physics, the dictionary and so on!
- Visit atleast 2 museums - luckily, there are plenty of free ones to explore in London!
- Learn something new - not yet sure what, do you have any ideas?

Design more embroidery patterns, of course!

Declutter my life. This is going to be a tough one! I enjoy clear surfaces, but they never stay that way for long. So I will attempt to get rid of things that are not in use, or are broken. Buy what I need, and only very little of what I want.

Those are the 'Big Things'. There are a lot of 'Small Things' too. Like finishing the ripple blanket for our bed. Sewing. Writing an ebook. Finally re-cover the last dining chair. Sew new covers for our sofa cushions. Maybe participate in Illustration Friday from time to time. Design more fabric and print it through Spoonflower.

What do you want to fill 2010 with?


  1. Hi Carina,
    I think you will like sewing. I learned to sew from my room mates at college. My first sewing machine was a Singer - college graduation gift from parents. I traded that one in for a 3rd generation computer machine (New Home now called Janone) in the early 1980s. I'm still using that machine. My paternal grandmother's (was a great sewer) 1940s Singer was passed down to me. I also purchased a Viking serger a few years ago (took some classes and haven't touch it since). I used to make clothes for myself but don't anymore. I do enjoy sewing and hope to get back into it again. I would like to get a Berina embroidery machine but just not now. Our focus now is traveling while we can along with enjoying our hobbies (reading, crocheting, crafts, sewing and hopefully picking up my clairinet and playing again.) Best of luck to you in the new year and with your plans.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. Sounds like a busy year

  3. sounds wonderful..I wish now I could sew


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