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Monday, January 4, 2010

Mosaic Monday, January 4

1. patchwork baby blanket, crochet, 2. Selina Lake - 45a Cushions, 3. oliver watched the rain that fell around him glitter like diamonds in the moonlight, 4. Happy New Year!, 5. _MG_5947, 6. Everyday | 01.02.10, 7. Sunday cheer, 8. Kitchen, 9. cross quilt, 10. ..., 11. begonias, 12. Zingaro's Scarf, 13. looking forward..., 14. Dala Delightful, 15. Puti de Pome, 16. window


  1. Hi Carina, I'm starting to crochet, the truth is that I did not imagine the amount of possibilities you have, thanks for your tutorials to me are very helpful
    i, m from Madrid in Spain


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