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January 25, 2010

Pretty cotton tangle

I really should sort this mess, but I just can't be bothered. Quite unlike me, wasting perfectly good yarn, when all it takes is a bit of patience to make it useful again. Oh well.

Completely unrelated-
I have picked a name for the new pattern, but I'll have to postpone revealing it, as the pattern isn't completely finished because I've had some problems with Inkscape today. Am I the only one who has problems with Inkscape suddenly deciding to crash? This happens quite a lot, so I have learnt to Save Often. Ugh.

Anyway, going to work on it right now and hopefully it will be done by bedtime. ;-)


  1. The yarn doesn't look too messy, I'm sure it can be sorted in no time (while watching telly or something)! I have Inkscape on my computer but I have not used it thus far, I'm very reluctant to leave my Gimp. :)

  2. Yeah.. I am sure it could - I'm just too lazy! :-D

    I have Gimp too, but I don't use it for drawing patterns. Inkscape is better for that.. :-)

  3. hey - that looks like a pretty fun mess to me! I'm always looking at your colors and loving them... send it to me and I'll untangle it all and make lovely things with it...


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