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February 9, 2010

Blue scarf

I made a scarf pattern. And then I made a scarf. This is it. I only had 1 skein, so it is a fairly skinny scarf. I wish I'd had 2 skeins so it could be a less skinny scarf. But it is ok. I like it! And it was quick to make and that is always a good thing: (almost) instant gratification. That's the kind of crafting I like! I might buy another skein of the same kind of yarn but in a different colour so I can make another skinny scarf, but wear the two together... :-)


  1. Very "springy"!


  2. Hi Carina,
    Very pretty - love the stitches and the color!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  3. A skinny scarf can be worn into spring! What a cheerful blue.

  4. What a lovely pattern! Perfect and light for spring, and a lovely colour too!

  5. gorgeous:
    you could hook into the edges and make it wider ^_*
    but two skinnies sounds as good to me!


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