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March 11, 2010

Challenging creative space

My creative space today. I am working on a muslin for a shirt for Tony. I took apart one of his old shirts and copied it. The going is quite slow, but I guess it is to be expected; I have never made a garment before.

I really want to learn to make clothes, atleast to some extent, so I figured I might as well jump headlong into it. Lots of fiddly little bits and pleats and seams that seem to defy logic. Maybe an A-line skirt would have been a better place to start. ;-)

But hey, I like a challenge! If you have any shirt making advice, I would be ever so grateful.

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  1. you are ambitious ... an aline skirt would be easier but there's something satisfying about finishing something challenging. can't wait to see how it goes and what you might do differently next time (an aline skirt doesn't count!)

  2. Good for you! My shirt making advice is: make a pillow instead. I hope you have more success at garment sewing than I have!

  3. My advise is to take your time. Be careful with the sleeves - match them to the notches correctly so you don't switch left and right. And collars can be tricky too. Make sure you press out the seams as you sew. I love to sew but I don't like pinning and cutting out the pattern. Have fun about all.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. Thank you all for your encouragement.

    Sandy, I think I may have swapped the sleeves - because they don't fit properly! So.. I'll have to un-pick that.. It's a learning experience. hat's what I keep telling myself, anyway. ;-)


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