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March 5, 2010

Felt strings

This is what I was making yesterday. Delicate colourful garlands/ strings of felt circles. Keeping my IKEA vase and Royal Cph mug company...

I've had this idea ever since I bought a circle cutter thingy sometime last year. I bought it on eBay in the US, had it sent to my sister and then she sent it to me. So I finally got it with my Christmas presents last year. So, from idea to execution has taken quite some time!

I made more than one, to spread the happiness! Here, with the pictures above the sofa. I changed the pictures in the triple frame the other day. Time for a change.

I still need to persuade my sweet husband to hang them from the lights in the living room. He is pretty tall, which is rather handy for hanging things from the lights, I can tell you!

They will be available in the shop next week. Or you can order them directly if you fancy. $16 for 2.5 metres of happiness, including postage to anywhere. :-)

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