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April 10, 2010

Beautiful pink tulips

It is starting to feel like spring now. Hooray! April really is my favourite month. Not just because it has my birthday in it. ;-)

And here's a preview of my next pattern, which (coincidentally? I think not!) feels very spring-y too.


  1. it looks so beautifully bright and cheerful. i can't wait to see the finished design!
    essie x

  2. Oh yes that's very jolly! I can see you will tempt me in to embroidery...I'm still a learner crocheter. Thanks SO much for your brilliant granny/joining tutorial, I'm so pleased with how it's turning out.

    However I am now lusting over your Danish yarn and so wishing I knew about it before a recent trip there. I am struggling to find really vibrant colours here in the UK. Sob.

  3. Hi! I'm happy to have found your blog. Your craft is really, really beautiful. Thanks for showing us!

  4. Hey guys, thank you very much for stopping by!

    Essie- the design will be revealed on (drum roll!) Monday! :-)

    Spud- why yes, I will try and tempt anyone to embroidery! I am really chuffed the crochet tutorial is working out for you. Please show it off once you're done!

    Jenny- thank you very much! And thank you for commenting. :-)


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