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April 9, 2010

The Fourth Slap

Are you familiar with the sitcom How I Met Your Mother? It is preeeeeetty darn funny. But the funniest bit (so far) is the two minutes you can see in that video up there.

Quick backstory: Barney (tied to the chair) and Marshall (tall guy in stripy top) made a bet, the winner of the bet got to slap the other five times whenever they want. Barney, as you can maybe guess, lost the bet, so this slap thing pops up in the series from time to time. Usually at Thanksgiving, aka Slapsgiving.

So, this is the fourth slap. And it is reeeeeally funny. So funny that we have watched it so many times now that Tony can pretty much recite it by heart! The first time we watched it, we were laughing for, like, 20 minutes afterwards.

Anyway, enjoy! ;-)


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