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May 14, 2010

Just a little bit of stitching...

You should always have a bit of stitching in the works. Oh yes. Even when you have even bigger stitching in the works as well...

○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○


  1. Love the colours. Its looking really nice. Cant wait to see it finished ;)

  2. blueblue = goodgood:
    liking the large stitches and how the intertwine:
    plan to do an embroidery on my twoweek summer holiday:
    decided silks are less weighty in my suitcase:
    I've got myself a magic pen so I can draw and write then create with thread: it will be biggish:
    it will be an adventure:


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