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May 1, 2010


OhEmGee, you guys! This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. And thanks to YouTube (and Tony who found it for me!) I can relive it!

It is from a Danish childrens' show which was on telly when I was little (I think it still is..?). It featured two handpuppets, Kaj (the frog) and Andrea (the parrot). But this little episode isn't really about them. Instead it is about two of the humans who would sometimes be in the show.

They are having a... actually, I won't spoil it. Just watch it. It's kinda predictable -hey, it's for little kids- but it still funny. Actually, I think it gets funnier every time you watch it!

And, check out their 70s getup, awesome huh? (Yes, this is from the 70s- vintage, baby!)

*the water fight

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  1. You´ve got an award at my blog...

    Sorry but I have to comment under my old blog. You can find the award and my blog at


  2. hi,
    I was looking at your older posts and really like your quapos. I tried to make one but didn't turn out aswell as yours. Could you do a tutorial on the quapos. If you have pleasr tell me.


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